Asset Management consulting

Asset Management consulting

To maximise the return on investment from a wave or tidal project, you need to increase the revenues generated, while reducing the cost of the energy produced.

Optimising the site's O&M programme plays a key role in achieving this goal. DNV GL provides wave and tidal site operators and owners with strategic advice on O&M optimisation.

DNV GL will perform a detailed site- and device-specific cost-benefit analysis of maintenance costs, and the potential losses, due to underperformance and low availability levels. An in-depth analysis of the site's SCADA data enables parameters, such as statistical failure rates and repair times, to be assessed. These parameters and other meteorology-dependent parameters are then used to design the required probabilistic models.

The flexible and customisable service package DNV GL offers includes:

  • O&M budgeting and sensitivity analysis: Comparison of real to budgeted expenses and of actual failure rates to industry average; evaluation of different O&M scenarios to define an optimised scenario
  • Spare parts strategy advice: Identification of supply chain bottlenecks; evaluation of various spare part sourcing options; development of a main component repair strategy; advice on main component storage; cost-benefit analysis of stockholding costs
  • Review and advice on retrofit solutions: Evaluation of the potential impact of proposed retrofit solutions on future O&M costs and wave and tidal availability
  • Operational risk mitigation: Identification of possible risks; an FMECA to establish the probability of failure and severity of consequences; recommendations for additional software and hardware; advice on subcontractor management; proposal of maintenance planning schedules
  • End-of-warranty handover strategy planning: Comprehensive advice and assistance to ensure trouble-free, cost-optimised transition from the warranty period to a client’s own responsibility for O&M

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