Controller software implementation

Controller software implementation

Our Garrad Hassan Turbine Engineering service offers control system software implementation across a range of PLC platforms; the client is able to choose the PLC platform according to their own series production or existing expertise requirements; DNV GL's requirement is just that it supports an ANSI C compiler. To date, its experts have supplied controller software on hardware from a wide range of vendors.

The complete controller software will be provided. The controller software is usually delivered as source code and always with training sessions, test harnesses and commissioning support. No charge is made for series production, as we aim to have the client in full charge of the controller software after the prototype device has been realised. In addition, clients are trained to the extent that they are able to extend and alter the software to meet any new requirements.

Beyond these deliverables, we will help clients to choose control system component suppliers and assist with overall co-ordination of the control system package. Its experts have a working knowledge of most of the popular component suppliers and offer an impartial assessment of their suitability in the context of the client's specific device requirements. They are also happy to consider client's suggestions for specific suppliers, if required.

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