Construction monitoring

Construction monitoring

An independent analysis of what progress has been made in construction of a renewable energy project is vital – not only to check if work is going to schedule but also to verify the validity of requests for payment from the construction company or sub-suppliers.

DNV GL provides a third-party construction monitoring service that puts clients in the picture when it comes to a project’s progress.

The main aim of construction monitoring is to compare the progress of construction work with the project schedule. However, clients also may request advice on the possibility of delays or cost variances, comments on the quality of the work done, verification that work has been completed or authorisation of requests for payment. DNV GL has the resources to perform all these services anywhere in the world.

Generally speaking, construction monitoring is conducted through periodic visits to the construction site, usually on a monthly basis. More intensive monitoring may be required during periods such as foundation construction or project completion. Clients may also request visits to other locations such as manufacturing plants or ports to verify the availability or delivery of components or equipment.

The final phase of construction monitoring involves provision of a report summarising the findings and, if requested by the client, certification of any costs or project milestones. The construction-monitoring client will typically be an organisation financing a project or the owner of a solar project under construction. In the latter case, the service is normally part of a project due diligence. DNV GL has performed construction monitoring for a wide variety of clients.

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