Performance & condition assessment

Performance & condition assessment

Solar site owners, operators and lenders naturally want to know how their asset is performing – and how to maintain and optimise its performance. DNV GL provides the answers by periodically assessing the performance and condition of a solar site's devices.

DNV GL can also help device manufacturers to meet the performance obligations set out in the device supply agreement.

The monitoring service DNV GL provides includes a review of operating reports and other relevant information, to reveal potential issues and an in-depth analysis of the data, to identify and investigate specific phenomena such as underperformance, or device malfunction. Specialist tools and processes are used to qualify and quantify any production losses and to identify the root cause of a fault. DNV GL can then advise the asset manager on remedial solutions, including on-site guidance.

Operational solar databases are generated, to establish availability and performance trends and to get a clearer picture of any long-term risks. An objective assessment of production, performance, reliability and availability statistics allows an asset manager to benchmark the asset’s performance against the industry standard. This facilitates the process of optimising performance, minimising downtime and efficiently planning maintenance and spare part supply planning.

DNV GL offers the following specific services:

  • SCADA data management and archiving
  • Solar site performance
  • Fault analysis and diagnostics
  • Reliability, MTBF and availability benchmarking
  • Warranty and liquidated damages calculations
  • Analysis in preparation for end-of-warranty or periodic inspections

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