Performance monitoring studies

Performance monitoring studies

Effective performance is vital for the certification process and key in optimising product design, regardless of the size of a device.

DNV GL has been running measurement campaigns, on both complete devices and their components, for many years. The company is acknowledged for its advanced technology, which has evolved over that period and remains at the forefront of the sector. As a result, there is nobody better placed to understand the design progression of solar devices and the implications it has for their performance.

The measurement campaigns that DNVĀ GL delivers include standard testing within the remit of certification, a specially developed testing programme to inform product design, and a bespoke service for instances where a client has a very specific requirement; for example, in relation to performance issues in an operational device. In all cases, the measurement activities can help to identify changes that can be made to components and processes; this is especially useful where componentsĀ or effects are impossible to simulate.

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