Designing the electrical connection system for a solar project, deciding how and where to connect it to the grid and assessing its potential impact on the electrical transmission network are challenging tasks for many developers.

DNV GL has the in-house expertise required to carry out all these tasks and support a developer in making the connection application, through completion of the necessary technical requirements. This service brings a client added value in two ways; submission of the connection application with the correct technical information and the reassuring feeling that a connection can be achieved at a reasonable cost.


The electrical interconnection service provided covers a wide range of tasks, with the exact scope of the work undertaken dependent on the client's specific needs. The work may include:


  • Network connection feasibility: Identification of possible connection points and the size of solar project that can be connected at a given point; confirmation of the suitability of an existing network connection
  • Grid connection application: Completion of the technical information and submission of the application
  • Technical requirements for grid connection: Identification and collation of all the technical requirements to obtain a clear basis for the project design
  • Device grid compatibility: Evaluation of the devices' ability to meet relevant codes and requirements: advice, where additional plant may be required
  • Solar collection system and cabling: Design of the collection system, usually involving a customised trade-off study
  • Calculation of electrical losses within the site: Either performed as part of the energy assessment or the optimisation processes for the electrical design
  • Selection and sizing of ancillary electrical equipment: Specification of switchboards, transformers, filters
  • Load flow and short circuit analysis: Within a site and possibly the wider network
  • Power quality calculations


Whatever services you need, simply get in touch and we will provde you with a comprehensive package to facilitate your electrical interconnection.


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