Solar radiation and energy assessment services

Solar radiation and energy assessment services

Since the fuel for a solar project is always free, the economics of a project are crucially dependent on the solar resource at a site. Resource measurement and analysis are crucial to project development.

A robust estimate of the energy production of a prospective solar project, based on a solar energy assessment, is required to support investment and financing decisions. DNV GL has unrivalled experience in this kind of work since, globally, no other company has provided assessments of more projects.

The steps involved in a solar assessment are, as follows:

  • Site visit, to review site characteristics
  • Solar data filtering and quality control, to detect any erroneous or suspect observations
  • Research on available solar radiation data sources
  • Solar data analysis and processing
  • Calculation of likely solar project loss factors
  • Energy yield and performance ratio calculation
  • Uncertainty analysis to enable financial decision makers to take well informed decisions
  • Detailed reporting

Outcomes from the solar energy assessment deliver information on the solar regime at a site. This is crucial for the optimal design of the site and in assessing the suitability of different system designs. The accuracy of the analysis is dependent on the extent, quality and duration of the solar data recorded at the site. Here, DNV GL can give clear guidance to developers on the requirements a site’s solar monitoring programme has to fulfil. 

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