Online Data Viewing

Online Data Viewing

WindHelm SCADA

The user is able to monitor the wind farm current status through a graphical user interface (GUI) showing a map based representation of the wind farm or a series of tables summarising turbine, meteorological station and grid station status.

The GUI provides a top-level view of the wind farm with facilities to link to particular groups or units. Units are represented by icons identifying the unit type and name, conveying the equipment status as the user scans the wind farm. The screen incorporates a geographical map as a backdrop showing contours, vegetation, buildings and roads etc.

Commands are instantly available on selecting a unit or group of units from the map.

Direct links are available from the GUI icons to the corresponding tabular summary screens.

A single top level tabular screen shows the complete site status at a glance. Clearly defined areas of the screen show turbines, meteorological stations, grid stations and current events. The turbine status shows turbines on line, faulted, stopped, crew present, power and energy outputs. The meteorological status shows the site mean wind speed, direction, temperature, pressure and air density. The grid status shows the grid power and energy output for the wind farm.

Current site events are clearly shown with event code, event description, response status and times.

Links are highlighted to detailed information screens on individual turbines, meteorological stations and grid stations.

The user has a choice between a ‘snapshot’ screen and a ‘dynamic’ screen. A snapshot screen shows the status of each unit on the wind farm at the time the screen was requested. A dynamic screen continuously updates the information from the wind farm while the screen is in view. At all times 10-minute average data values are stored in the working database for further analysis.

Configuration information for any unit on the wind farm can be easily accessed and displayed.

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