Network & Access

Network & Access

WindHelm SCADA

The site communications network is based on Modbus - an industry standard protocol. It can operate on the simplest of networks but is also compatible with the faster TCP/IP networks.

The SCADA computer system runs on Windows 2003 and is built from software components using standard open interfaces (OPC, ODBC and web technology).

Local & Remote Access

All local and remote user access is through standard web browsers allowing multi-user access and easy remote access.

Local users can access the system through a web browser on the SCADA PC or on any other networked PC.

Remote users can access the system from any PC with a web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator) without requiring any extra hardware or software.

Remote Alerts

The system can be configured to alert staff via mobile phone, pager, fax or email if any part of the wind farm requires attention. This feature can be configured to operate continuously for unmanned sites or only during certain times of day as required.


Security is based on standard NT security and can be customised to meet the requirements of particular sites. The following groups are defined:

• View real time status only

• View real time status and allow commands

• View real time status and access historical data

• View real time status, allow commands and access historical data

• View real time status, allow commands, access historical data and set-up configuration access

• Full system administration access

Data Backup

Full data back up facilities are provided

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