Control Commands

Control Commands

WindHelm SCADA

WindHelm SCADA allows local or remote control of individual turbines or user defined groups of turbines.

In addition WindHelm SCADA automatically creates a number of predefined groups:
• All turbines on site

• All turbines connected to a grid circuit

• All turbines connected to a particular PC

• All turbines connected to a particular communications port

The following commands can be issued to turbines either individually or to a predefined group of turbines:

• Release to Run

• Stop

• Reset

Stop and Release to Run commands are ignored if there is a crew at the turbine. Any commands issued at a turbine locally will override the SCADA system if there is a crew present. If there are no crew present, commands from the SCADA system will override the current turbine setting.

Commands to groups of turbines can optionally be staggered.

Command requests are queued so that if there are no communications to the turbine when the command is issued, it will be applied when communications return.

The system can implement auto control of the turbines. This allows automatic implementation of any constraints on wind farm operation (e.g. network restrictions, noise restrictions, time of day restrictions).

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