Response Calculations

Response Calculations


From blade aerodynamics to power curves: simulations that cover all operational states; flexible control of calculation outputs.

  • Modal analysis of blades and tower
  • Blade aerodynamics
  • Performance coefficients
  • Power curves
  • Mean steady loads
  • Detailed simulations of performance and loading for all turbine states
  • Full order linearised models in Matlab format
  • Earthquake loading

The simulations cover all operational states:


  • Start-up
  • Normal running
  • Shutdown
  • Idling
  • Parked
  • User defined via the MS Windows DLL controller facility


The user is allowed very flexible control of the calculation outputs:


  • Forces and moments at specified blade and tower stations 
  • Forces and moments at the hub and yaw bearing 
  • Shaft, gearbox, brake and generator loads
  • Rotational speeds at rotor and generator
  • Mechanical and electrical losses
  • Blade and tower deflections and yaw motion
  • Nacelle accelerations
  • Blade pitch, controller and transducer signals
  • Detailed pitch actuator information
  • Active and reactive power output, currents and voltages
  • Detailed aerodynamic information at specified blade stations

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