Leverage decades of experience

WindFarmer has been developed by DNV GL to facilitate the design of wind farms. Maximise the power produced by the wind farm, whilst minimising environmental impact. Users of WindFarmer gain the competitive advantage and accuracy of over 26 years of expert wind energy know-how.

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Design and analyse your wind farm

WindFarmer offers a selection of powerful modules giving you the software you need to design and analyse a wind farm.

  • Process measured wind data
  • Design the turbine layout
  • Predict the energy yield
  • Calculate the turbulence intensity
  • Assess the environmental impact
  • Map the noise levels, visual impact and shadow flicker
  • Visualise the finished construction


Try WindFarmer now

Download the free demonstration version of WindFarmer.


Watch WindFarmer in use

See how WindFarmer can be used, among other things, to analyse an offshore wind farm or to work with measured production data, on our YouTube channel.


Transparency to make informed decisions

WindFarmer enables you to understand in detail what is going on in a wind farm and to make informed decisions.  The models used in WindFarmer are transparent, validated and documented.  This provides you with complete control and unrivalled accuracy for your wind farm design and energy yield calculations.


High quality software you can rely on

WindFarmer is advanced, tested and validated software for commercial use.  WindFarmer is used by DNV GL and by many other major clients worldwide, to design and assess many GW of wind energy capacity every year.


Benefit from our global network

WindFarmer is available globally. It is offered in 12 languages and comes with first class global user support. Training courses and self-learning tutorials are available.


WindFarmer supports the use of your preferred flow model

WindFarmer imports wind resource data files from a large range of flow models, including the new WAsP CFD. Advanced flow simulations can also be ordered through DNV GL’s CFD service, operated by our CFD specialists. In complex terrain, forested terrain, or at sites where atmospheric stability is important, the result can be a significant improvement on classical approaches. For more information, please contact


Enhanced and new in WindFarmer 5

The WindFarmer version 5 series features integrated wind flow modelling, world leading wake models, and powerful data analysis tools. By combining energy and environmental impact analysis, it provides a complete toolset for wind farm design.

  • Use of online terrain and background data
  • Sharing of wind data between projects
  • New Turbine Studio and Wind Studio
  • Calibration of flow model solution with production data
  • Map display, reporting and presentation
  • Windows 8 compatible


New features in WindFarmer 5.3

  • Super-fast wake modelling
  • Increased memory availability - model larger wind farms
  • Support of TR6 standard reports


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