Tidal Bladed

Tidal Bladed

A design tool for tidal current turbines

In recent years the development of tidal current turbine technology has progressed rapidly to the point where prototype systems have been installed and are now operational.

It seems clear that these developments represent the dawn of a new industry focussed on the exploitation of the huge, clean energy resource available from tidal stream currents.

Tidal Bladed has been developed for tidal turbine and component manufacturers, certification agencies, design consultants and research organisations across the world.

Harnessing engineering models developed over the last 25 years, Tidal Bladed utilises common functionality with the industry leading wind turbine design tool Bladed, whilst introducing essential subsea science.

Although Tidal Bladed is the first software of its kind, the heritage of Bladed provides users with a robust commercial design package with high quality modelling capabilities enabling technology developments to be accelerated with confidence.

Tidal Bladed is already being utilised by tidal turbine device developers and it continues to improve and develop along with this growing sector.

Tidal Bladed currently features:

  • Time-domain simulation of combined current, wave and wind loading with full hydroelastic modelling and seismic excitation, plus a range of supporting steady state calculations
  • A range of wave and current models to define the hydrodynamic forces acting on the device
  • Models to describe ‘added mass’ effects on both the rotor and support structure
  • An accurate representation of buoyancy forces acting on the device
  • A Windows-based graphical user interface and on-line help facility for ease of use

A number of modules are available, covering steady state analysis, dynamic load simulations, analysis of loads and energy capture, batch processing and automated report generation, interaction with

If you are a current user and require technical support, please email Bladed Support.

Tailored Tidal Bladed training courses

We offer 'in-house' Tidal Bladed training courses which are designed for new users and tailored to each client's needs. It includes hands-on guided use of the software which is complemented by tutorials on key topics of tidal turbine technology. By the end of the course, participants will understand the basic principles of a tidal turbine, be able to build a complete a tidal turbine model, perform load calculations, have an understanding of control concepts, and an overview of site specific load calculations.

For further information or to book a course, please email the Bladed Support team.

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