Wave energy converter performance and loading design tool

WaveDyn is the first fully coupled wave energy software platform for the design of wave energy converters. Its accuracy has been validated and proven with commercial and R&D projects.

Accurate performance assessment and load calculation is a critical part of the design process for any wave energy converter concept. Rapid assessment of concept performance and the ability to quantify the impact of design changes or modifications on established systems are key factors in allowing developers and investors to bring reliable machine designs to the industry.

WaveDyn is a new, fully coupled wave energy converter design and simulation tool that has been specifically designed to address the diverse range of machine concepts in the wave energy industry. It provides users with a flexible, multi-body simulation engine that supports the modelling of point absorbers, line absorbers/attenuators, terminators and oscillating wave surge converter (flap type) machines in great detail. Systems of wave driven bodies may be coupled by complex mechanical, electrical or hydraulic PTO systems and either moored or rigidly connected to the seabed.

Extensive and diverse validation under both commercial and R&D projects, for a wide range of machine types and scales, has underpinned WaveDyn’s development right from the start. Strong synergies with the development of the wind industry design tool Bladed, particularly through a shared structural solver, have provided a basis for the development of a robust design tool that benefits directly from DNV GL’s 30 years of experience in modelling and simulation for the renewables industry.

Please email WaveDyn Support to arrange a live software demonstration or evaluation copy of WaveDyn software.

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