Owners engineering support and inspections

Owners engineering support and inspections

DNV GL's owners' engineering support provides a sound basis for early design and product decisions.

Design and product decisions have to be taken at an early stage in the development of a wind farm project. Since such decisions have long-term implications, they need to be sound and well informed. The engineering support service that DNVĀ GL provides for wind farm owners is therefore extremely useful. The process for developing the outline design of a wind farm is known as front-end engineering design (FEED) and, as a rule, offshore projects require more FEED work than onshore ones.

A wind farm owner benefits from a FEED study in three ways: identification of the best possible design options; estimate of the capital and operational cost budget (to within approximately +/- 20%); and delivery of specifications for construction contracts.

DNV GL offers its engineering support services as a single FEED study involving all the following or as a subset of them:

  • Collation of site data into design basis documents (for use in FEED work and subsequent project engineering)
  • FEED work addressing the key features of a project: electrical design and grid connection, foundation and civil engineering, installation, subsea cables (for offshore) and O&M strategy as well as the interfaces between them
  • Identification and analysis of design options to decide on the optimum outline design
  • Estimate of capital and operating costs
  • Technical specifications and other documents needed for the procurement process
  • Specific technical risk and opportunity analyses

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