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Turbine design

Turbine design

GL Garrad Hassan has been at the forefront of turbine design technology for the last three decades and offer experts that work together to provide advanced design solutions, driven by client needs.

The design of a modern wind turbine is a complex, iterative process that involves multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience. GL Garrad Hassan’s expertise reflects this. It has been at the forefront of turbine design technology for nearly three decades and is unrivalled in terms of depth and breadth of service offering. Its experts have been involved with the major wind turbine manufacturers, for both onshore and offshore wind turbines. GL Garrad Hassan's turbine design software, Bladed, is built on years of model development and validation and is the industry standard for turbine design.


GL Garrad Hassan has a multitude of specialists that regularly work together as a multi-disciplinary team to provide clients with turbine design and analysis solutions. The design process comprises a series of activities ranging from concept development, through computer modelling for performance and load calculations, structural component optimisation, development of mechanical, electrical and control sub-system specifications, to preparation of design documentation. Whether you are an existing manufacturer of turbines with a specific requirement, or an organisation looking to break in to the renewable energy market, GL Garrad Hassan can provide expert advice to meet your needs.

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