Mechanical & structural design

Mechanical & structural design

Garrad Hassan Turbine Engineering offers a range of mechanical and structural design services for wind turbine components from concept, through analysis, to preparation of design documentation, specifications and certification-friendly deliverables.

Garrad Hassan Turbine Engineering experts operate at the leading edge of developments in the strength analysis of complex structural components which involve bearings, gears and bolts. They are able to analyse all major components including rotor hubs, nacelle mainframes, shafts and towers. For offshore structures, this includes foundations and substation platforms. Analysis is conducted using rigorous yet rapid methods that are well adapted to the design and development process.

Typical activities result in the design and /or specification of the systems and components below. The output includes 3D CAD drawings, technical specifications and finite element modelling of components to provide strength calculations:

  • Blade specification
  • Hub
  • Pitch mechanical system specification
  • Main bearing system specification (including housings)
  • Main shaft
  • Main frame including auxiliary frame
  • Gearbox specification, including main shaft coupling
  • High speed shaft and mechanical brake specification
  • Hydraulic system specification
  • Yaw system specification
  • Tower with foundation insert
  • Rotor lock specification.

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