Wind measurement services

Wind measurement services

DNV GL has been providing measurement solutions for nearly three decades, from management of mast installation and ongoing maintenance to an online data management service

It is standard practice to utilise meteorological masts to measure meteorological data at a potential wind farm site. The installation and maintenance of meteorological masts is a significant cost during the development process of a wind farm. High-quality meteorological data from a site is a key requirement for optimising the design of the wind farm, predicting the future energy production of the wind farm and also as an input to selecting appropriate turbine technology for a particular wind farm site. 

DNV GL offers a comprehensive service for onshore wind farms, developed over 20+ years, that includes:

• Design and specification of a monitoring programme
• Equipment procurement, installation management  and ongoing maintenance
• Download, management and interpretation of all data
• Direct access to data via a new Online Data Management system

Based on our independent research of tower impacts on wind measurements, we have designed industry-exceeding, custom lattice-tower mounting booms that we offer to clients. Our booms and instrumentation packages ensure that the investment in a measurement program pays off and results in obtaining the most accurate data possible.

Offshore wind farms are supported by multi-disciplinary teams comprised of DNV GL’s measurement and offshore wind specialists.

Remote sensing measurement techniques enable measurements to hub height and beyond. DNV GL is considered a pioneer of the use of value-adding alternative technologies and this includes resource measurement using sodar and lidar. Its experts have been involved in the testing of remote sensors since their market inception and are therefore well placed to advise on their use as a part of a wind monitoring programme.

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