Reliability analysis

Reliability analysis

Our Garrad Hassan Turbine Engineering team offer a range of reliability engineering services for turbine technology; these range from the evaluation and ranking of conceptual designs through to preparation of design documentation; they also cover the entire turbine life cycle, from conceptual design through to operation. 

We offer services that include:

  • Reliability analysis of the control and safety system.
     A functional Failure Mode and Criticality Effect Analysis (FMECA) is conducted and the findings are reported in a certification-friendly report. This service can be extended to include recommendations for design optimization.
  • Life cycle cost analysis. 
    Design concepts are analysed and reliability profiles defined in order to assess the impact on downtime and O&M costs for different site conditions.  Life cycle cost analysis then provides important input for design optimisation and addresses the trade-off between revenue, O&M costs and capital cost. 
  • Reliability quick scan. 
    A review of the reliability and availability of a given design to provide design recommendations.


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