GL - Garrad Hassan
Control system development

Control system development

GL Garrad Hassan is the industry leader for the design of turbine control systems and development of control algorithms which alleviate turbine structural loads and optimize energy capture.

GL Garrad Hassan’s turbine simulation and analysis experience helps to provide its clients with control solutions that are both underpinned with a unique understanding of up-to-date technology, and integrated into the overall turbine design process. The algorithm designs it develops maximize energy capture and tailor the dynamic response of the turbine structure in order to reduce rotor, drive train and tower fatigue loading. All controller algorithms are delivered with ‘certification ready’ algorithm design documentation.

Implementation services include provision of fully functional turbine controllers which run on either PLC or industrial PC platforms, and deliver a range of field bus protocols and low level I/O hardware options. The implementation of prototype controllers is conducted in close collaboration with clients and includes significant technology transfer and training wherever appropriate so that the client is able to take the controller into series production following commissioning and verification of the prototype. Specification documents that cover the entire implementation process including hardware processing, comms and I/O, HMI & SCADA interfaces, supervisory control states and alarm logic are always provided.


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