WindHelm Portfolio Manager

WindHelm Portfolio Manager

Owners and operators are under increasing pressure to reduce operational costs while improving the efficiency of their wind farm portfolios. WindHelm Portfolio Manager provides a single platform for data management and analysis to help facilitate this.

A single solution

WindHelm Portfolio Manager provides a single platform for the monitoring, optimisation and control of any combination of operational turbines, farms and portfolios. It gives owners and operators uniform access to, and analysis of, their SCADA data. This facilitates intelligent operational decisions, therefore maximising availability, efficiency, production and financial return.

Key features:

  • Instant access to “near real time” data via a single user interface accessible from any web browser
  • No software dongles required or equipment required at project sites
  • Capable of managing any volume and combination of turbines
  • Fully compatible with any SCADA system with an ODBC interface, including all existing WindHelm SCADA systems
  • Ability to send event alerts and status messages via email, mobile phone or pager to facilitate rapid remediation of problems
  • A full range of summary and detailed operational reports to facilitate optimisation including power curves, availability, meteorological data, faults/events, efficiency, actual v expected production
  • Access to KPIs via a portfolio dashboard
  • An advanced analysis engine for forensic analysis and trending of available data at the turbine, project and portfolio level
  • Accommodates component taxonomies for standardisation and benchmarking of fault analysis
  • Taxonomy from the RELIAWIND project included as standard
  • Supports regulatory performance metric reporting
  • Multiple output formats – HTML, CSV and compatible with Crystal Reports
  • Ability to import Excel templates

Based on years of experience

WindHelm was developed out of DNV GL’s leading independent SCADA product and so clients benefit from the related international consulting experience. DNV GL’s unrivalled technical understanding of the resource, the asset, and the relationship between the two, has kept it at the forefront of wind industry developments for years. This means that clients can be confident of a robust and intelligent product, and world-class support.

Reporting and analysis capabilities

With a rich reporting environment and an advanced analysis engine, WindHelm enables clients to get real value out of their wind farm data.  Experts from DNV GL’s SCADA and asset management and optimisation teams have worked together to offer a broad range of reports, based on their significant experience helping clients around the world to effectively manage and optimise their assets.WindHelm also offers the flexibility of user-defined reports for clients that would prefer to conduct their own advanced analyses.

The reports offered fall broadly into the following categories:

  • Summary reports
  • Fault reports
  • Operational analysis reports
  • Data maintenance reports

WindHelm Portfolio Manager Live

For clients that require a real-time environment and/or supervisor control, DNV GL offers WindHelm Portfolio Manager Live. Users benefit from all the functionality of the standard WindHelm Portfolio Manager product but will also have an OPC or similar interface to provide live signal feeds into the system.

WindHelm Portfolio Manager Live requires installation of DNV GL servers on each project site and system architecture deployed can be distributed, central or both, depending on the requirement.

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