Company due diligence

Company due diligence

DNV GL provides solid advice to inform smart investment decisions.

Technical due diligence is a vital prerequisite for an informed decision on whether to acquire or invest in all or part of a company. DNV GL has the experience and expertise required to perform technical due diligence on a wide range of companies in the renewable energy field. This provides clients with the information they need to take a sound decision on whether or not to invest, as well as assess what price to pay.

The companies for which DNV GL has the necessary technical due diligence skills are primarily technology designers and manufacturers (e.g. turbine manufacturers), sub-suppliers (e.g. blade manufacturers) and developers or owners of renewable energy projects. Work for companies in the latter category is usually similar to that performed on project due diligence.

The methods used and the scope of the work will naturally depend on the client’s brief. Generally speaking, technical due diligence may include a market study, background information on the target company and its market position, technology and technological capability review (design team, etc.), intellectual property review, analysis of competitors, facility review and SWOT analysis.

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